Ayurveda everyday, all the time ( or Ayur…what? I thought you practiced Chinese medicine?)

Folks want to know what’s with all this Ayurveda talk?  I thought you did acupressure, jin shin do, Chinese medicine? I find it easy to add in another ‘label’ or ‘model’ to get equally enthusiastic about.  Especially when it’s so functional!  It’s always been really important me to highlight the connections between seemingly unique and separate ancient models of health and healing.  How are things the same is way more fun for me than how are they different.

My own dive into the world of  Ayurveda has changed my life.  It’s given me more beautiful user-friendly tools in my personal survival toolbox.  More awareness of how I feel everyday, with my interactions with food, myself, others, movements that I make, exercise, stagnation, my emotions!  With this plunge I am realizing that these tools are forever because they grow with me and keep me linking to everything that I interact with, even when those interactions change.

This is what is ultimately sustainable about ayurveda.

It has the capacity to evolove and resonate with present culture, in this case:  March 2011 Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Earth.

This intro into the beauty of ayurveda is not all doshic labeling and imported herbs and foods from India.

Especially when Matthew Remski’s talking about Ayurveda.  One of things that was really unique and wonderful when I took the Everyday Nectar Course last year in distance format was the okay-ness with questioning what we were learning and how applicable it is to our daily lives.  This is really important to me when learning anything that has ancient wisdom to offer. I always want to remember: “hey! We live here, now, so how does this work in my life?”

So Matthew’s coming to Montreal on April 3 for one whole week of Ayurveda learning, talk, tea, food and consults!

And I thought it’d be nice to get Matthew’s own words (‘cause he’s so good with the words!) on the sustainability of Ayurveda, it’s longevity and the benefit Montreal yogis  could gain by adding in Ayurveda to their practices.

what is sustainable about Ayurveda?

MR: Ayurveda is a path of relationship. It teaches attunement to your natural balancing strategies, and helps to turn every common interaction (with food, weather, relationship, activity) into a tool in your personal medicine chest.

what is the longevity of taking everyday nectar?

MR:  Over the years I’ve tried to create a learning system that’s self-perpetuating. This makes use of books and other hardcopy resources, but more important are the intuition strategies that I try to communicate — tools that make Ayurvedic discovery natural and ongoing.

what’s the benefit for  Montreal yogis to add Ayurveda knowledge to their practice?

MR: For millennia, the yoga traditions have assumed that the practitioner was employing Ayurveda naturopathy to support her evolutionary arc. What’s lovely about Ayur-language is that it interfaces with general yoga knowledge on the levels of gross and subtle anatomy. It’s the nuts-and-bolts medicine of yoga, and its elegant to learn. Asana teachers especially feel their instructions and interactions bloom once they get a little bit of Ayurveda under their belts…

Whether are a yoga practitioner or you just want to get to know yourself better and better, this particular Ayurveda course is a priceless tool in your personal toolbox. For life.

Still not sure?  Come to a by donation lecture at my second home, [ahimsa yoga] on Sunday April 3 7pm and take part in an interactive dialogue with Matthew to find out how much Ayurveda you instinctually know.  Ask questions, gain insight and drink tea!

One of the kernels I remember from this first course was this idea that it’s easy for Ayurveda to be idealized, so don’t be misled!  I am not saying that Ayurveda is the absolute only way and best way.  It simply has beautiful gifts to offer.  And as we learn them we must consider always how Ayurveda must be practical and in conversation with modern culture.

One week of Everyday Nectar gives us the space to begin this conversation.

Contact me! Nadia, for details & to register.

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